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Every client that works with Lyndsey Johnson Digital Agency comes to us facing their own unique set of challenges. Every business is unique and that’s the way we treat all of our clients. While the challenges our clients face may have common themes, each circumstance they face and the outcomes of those circumstances are unique.


We understand that every client’s business and needs are unique and work hard to utilise all of our skills and experience to deliver the outcomes our client’s need, want and deserve. As you can see from our testimonials and case studies, providing the solutions that deliver outcomes our clients want is our speciality but don’t just take our word for it, take theirs.









Developing Brand Loyalty

Client X runs a 3-year-old craft business in a highly rural area with small pockets of dense urban areas alongside her business partner.  As neither of the company directors had previously had any retail or business training the first priority was to get them accustomed to working with a coach and to really focus on what the end goal was.
Actions / Resources
  •  Orientation pack to developed a very clear specific goals both business and company directors.
  • Goal Breakdown into bite-size chunks and achievable milestones and actions.
  • Identified business health
  • Created end vision
  • Action plan to achieve high-end growth.
  • Loyalty development
  • Brand development and ownership (previously neither director felt aligned to their brand)
  • Audience identification and refinement
  • Variating ways to market
  • Marketing plan
  • System development
  • Lean management principles
  • Training in key retail techniques.
  • bespoke strategy in bite-size steps with accountability and clearly defined expectations and end goals.
  • Deployment of loyalty strategy increased average basket spend from sub £5 to £22.
  • Marketing to client base now costs £4.33 per 10 visits
  • Increased spend frequency per head
  • More trained audience who are loyal to the brand.
  • Highest and second highest sales weeks the business have ever seen during a traditionally slow period
  • Significantly reduced marketing spend with higher yield.
  • System development created additional time within the business on a day to day level
  • Brand cohesion. Clients know and understand the brand and it is now a destination point.
  • Customer referrals quote the exact core ‘words’ of the business with increased word of mouth
  • Significant social media engagement without increasing spend
  • National TV show featured company directors
  • Increased Director level unity
  • Increased work-life balance
  • Realistic system for growth and ultimately franchising the business

Working with Lyndsey has changed my whole outlook on my business. After 5 intensive sessions over a 6 week period, I have learned so much from Lyndsey. Her expertise and knowledge are second to none. Learning about content management, growth hacking and marketing has been the best thing I have done since starting my business two years ago. I highly recommend Lyndsey – she is patient, explains everything for you in terms you understand, makes suggestions that you may never think of and keeps you positive, which is the most important thing while you go through these changes in your business life.

Jennet Simpson

Director, Craft Hive

Audience Development & Strategic Solutions

Client Y owns 6 companies related to the same niche industry. Regionally they are dominant in their industry. With brands that are over 100 years old to those only 10 years old their portfolio of branding is highly diverse and has evolved over the years. When commencing work with Lyndsey, Client Y had never had any business support or development training. Their last consistent active marketing campaign was over 8 years ago. Online presence was limited with no optimisation, traffic or user experience planning.
The brief was simple. Support brand development on a unique brand within the portfolio which was struggling, bring the businesses as a whole into 21st century digital age, develop the audience and marketing plan for the business and to work on one very special additional project.
The company directors wanted to launch a very niche service and brand to their portfolio which they have previously attempted three times, each attempt having limited success but with no specific data we could review or use to support the development of the new model.
Actions / Resources
  • Identify the audience / define targets
  • Define them as an individual
  • Explore target user barriers and resistances
  • Goal clarification / breakdown into bite-size chunks and achievable milestones and actions.
  • Digital marketing strategy reviewed and developed
  • User experience enhanced via new website planning
  • System development to include online booking
  • Bespoke niche site created
  • Branding message cleaned up and clarified
  • Within 8 hours, Client Y understood that there were significant and refined barriers stopping their target user from engaging with their services which they had not planned for.
  • This allowed them to shift focus while the answers to those questions were developed.
  • Meaning more time could be lent to the struggling but still yielding brand which was redeveloped.
  • The brand was given a clear call to action,
  • The user experience refined and their digital marketing recreated, enhanced and released.
  • Client Y did not waste any more money on trying to launch a flawed model.
  • Client Y has a stronger and more enhanced digital footprint which increased traffic by 700% within 8 weeks, converting at 84%.
  • The user experience has been refined to increase conversion and returning business with purposeful remarketing that Client Y is now managing.

To be forced to step back and refocus on what your business is about and review your strategy, then progress forward with a positive outlook changes your entire outlook on your business. The VIP coaching service did this for us.

Garry Dickinson

Director, Adventure Outdoors

System Development & Traffic Diversity

Coming from a non-business background and as a first-time business person, Client W has a 3-year-old business which she has grown on her own without support and has organically grown an audience following that firmly sets them as a key influencer in their niche.
Client W’s business heavily relied on one source of traffic and when commencing working with Lyndsey was growing unstable due to limited back-end systems.
Actions / Resources
  • Digital Strategy Complete Review
  • Complete system audit
  • Website redeveloped for back end control
  • Campaign marketing focusing on growing to influencer levels via other social network platforms
  • Recommendations made to adjust business model to become more stable
  • Strategy created for strengthening back-end systems
  • 2 months on Client W moved onto a more advanced and stable system and able to support long-term growth.
  • Clear growth plan and marketing plan in place, Client W is now moving forwards with confidence.
  • The future of the business has been planned into achievable milestones
  • Systems and technology Client W uses has been designed to support them going forwards
  • Allowing for savings later as Client W is now able to avoid traditional pitfall areas which can be costly.

Lyndsey’s replies are so in depth that I feel so confident that I will learn all that I need to know to have a thriving business from her. She’s friendly, knows what she’s talking about and analyses all situations with a very actionable approach, that gives me confidence in the future of my business. Thanks!

Veronica Rossario


Marketing & Brand Development

Client Q is an unusual client who despite attempting to get help elsewhere was left confused and bewildered. Client Q’s business while dealing with a fact of life is incredibly rare at start up stage and heavily gender biased.
Upon commencing working together Client Q was struggling as they had significant fixed asset overheads. Generating development marketing was a harder than usual task for client Q as family tradition and the fact that Client Q’s customers generally plan 10-20 years in advance of needing the service played an important task.
Marketing in this niche requires care and attention and is highly sensitive. Client Q was keen to use more modern techniques as they are aware that over time, this will become the norm for their clientele.
Actions / Resources
  • Strategy development
  • Marketing campaign creation and delivery
  • It is incredibly hard to explain the actions taken without identifying the client however it was highly localised to within several geographic post codes and user experience of the service and first impressions was the ultimate priority.
  • Launched to a well-received audience.
  • Grew significantly and above projections
  • Two and a half years on client Q has now recouped all fixed asset costs and opened a second location
  • A high number of prepaid residual income
  • Highly respected within their niche with recurring clients and word of mouth referrals.
  • The business is continuing to grow and a significant number of clients are now booked up to twenty years in advance.

Working with Lyndsey is a real eye opener and makes you feel that although there may be lots to do, it’s all achievable because it’s about things you love

Alex Proffitt

Pretty Things Creator and Curator , Snowdrops and Sunshine

Niche Creation

Client H came to Lyndsey at pre-start stage to develop a workable plan that would yield profit from an untested niche in the regional geography. Their nearest competitor at the time was in London.
Their niche was non-existent in the north of England and the target audience had no fixed points of reference and there was very little pre-existing data for the niche as a whole in the UK.
Actions / Resources
  • Brand Development
  • Brand Awareness Campaigns
  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • Additional revenue generation Identification and execution
  • Pre-seed, launch and ongoing business planning
  • Creation of an SPV (special purpose vehicle) that would drive brand awareness long term
  • The results gained by Client H following our work together has been outstanding.
  • To this day that our original marketing and revenue stream plans are still in action and have become a well used and highly loved part of the brand.
  • Client H is currently looking to expand into a franchise model
  • Phase 2 of their growth plan was implemented early as all previous objectives were met ahead of schedule.
  • SPV deployed successfully and grown to such a size that Client H has now moved to a stadium-size venue.
  • Client H has successfully created their own industry
  • They are no longer reliant or exposed by changes in the wider industry or local industry.