Entrepreneurs: Put Your Game Face On

Ready to change your reality? Get your game face on and put some skin into the game.

‘Lyndsey WTF, does that actually mean?’
 It means that you need to get serious, you need to get ready to play the hand you’ve been dealt which is your current reality and to create the hand you want to be holding. (it’s just like a game of poker!)
If all you have been doing is trying to harness your passion and build a business that can help you change your reality by simply downloading a few freebies and living off little free nuggets of information then you need to get your ass up out of the chair and put your neck on the line.
Entrepreneurs head back to reality

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I’m not talking put your neck on the line as in railroad tracks or taking bad risks but what I am talking about is putting yourself out there and investing in yourself. You need to invest in yourself in order to motivate yourself, you need to hold yourself accountable because you stepped out of your comfort zone and put yourself into a situation where you either have to take action or lose money.
‘Money? I don’t think I like where you are going here’
Whoooah hold up I am NOT talking mega bucks here. I am saying that if you want to change your reality by changing your appearance then you need to commit to taking action, not a free month at the gym which you won’t use because it hasn’t cost your anything. I’m saying that you should invest in yourself, buy some nice yoga pants and make using them a priority because other wise you just wasted your cash!
SPOILER ALERT: Freeloading is NOT going to change your reality and it is NOT going to get you where you want to be
And, NEWSFLASH: it is the same in business, you can sign up to free challenges and free downloads but without something to motivate you like having paid to do it then you just won’t do it. Think about it, how many times have you signed up for a free online challenge and maybe done day 1 or 2 and then dropped off the radar. As the saying goes ‘give it away for free and they’ll still do nothing’!
Those freebies you’ve been living off are the equivalent of step zero in the evolution journey you need to go on to build and grow your business and change your reality. Step zero! Meaning they will NEVER give you all the answers you need.
This is not a pitch, or an offer or a badly written way to make you part with your credit card but it is a call to action from your future to have some respect for yourself.
Stop daydreaming about doing it,
Stop wondering if that next freebie will give you the answer to life,
Stop disrespecting yourself and what you stand for by only putting in a half the effort,
Stop holding yourself back and standing in your own way because changing your reality requires you to commit,
Stop having commitment issues and commit to yourself and what you want by putting some skin into it
‘Putting some skin into it’ does not mean you need to part with cash but you DO need to part with something. That is how this works. The phrase ‘No pain, no gain’ pretty much sums things up, the ‘skin’ is your pain, whatever that maybe or mean to you and without it I am telling you, that you will not gain.


That quote is one most females are used to and one that they hear every time they go to a waxing salon which is why I prefer working with female entrepreneurs, because they are used to the concept, they understand the fact that you have to go through the pain to get the gain and they still take action.


What have you been holding yourself back with? What does your ‘skin in the game’ look like? Pop your thoughts and comments in the box below, I’d really like to hear what you want to achieve and commit to. Even committing publicly to something is ‘skin in the game’!

Celebrating your success, passion and confidence,