Back To Reality

With New Year and Christmas now a distant memory and those who lingered in the festive mode now grudgingly turning off their alarm at 6am, it really does seem like now we are back to reality.

I hope that 2017 is kinder to everyone than 2016, which was a year I know most simply couldn’t wait to get rid of, (personally, I was relieved that 2016 was finally over!) BUT this isn’t one of those kind of posts.

Entrepreneurs head back to reality

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I COULD write about changes, about reflecting on your past, looking back over the last 365 days and all that crap but I figure that you have probably had your inbox overflowing with them for a few weeks now and that I’m not that cliche!

Instead, I am writing about reality, it’s more my thing!

Reality probably hit as you got up with your alarm on your first day back at work, as you began to sift your way through the spam in your inbox and to get a grip on all of the things you needed to get done on your to-do list OR, it hit the moment you fell off the New Years Resolution band wagon. (Still on it? Check You!)

Create your own, improved reality if you feel like your current one isn’t what you were wanting.

How hard did your’s hit you?
Compared to last year, mine felt like a bit of a breeze. My first day back I hit the inbox and within 90 minutes it was clean, filed and sorted. I actually got it to ZERO unread emails! (Got lots of spam in your inbox, try unroll.me!) I got my new task board up and running, I filled it with prompts to keep me on track and wrote out my daily routine and popped it somewhere visible. And you know something, that daily routine, looking all official in a photo frame on my desk is really working in terms of keeping me laser focused.
Why? Because last year, reality hit me so hard that I spent most of 2016 trying to recover from it and decided that enough was enough when it came to 2017. That’s the reason for my post today because I don’t want you to feel the same as I did this time last year!

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t go all “I’m going to change my life”.

It doesn’t matter if you fell off the resolution band wagon.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t even get as far as getting on the New Years Resolution Wagon

It doesn’t matter if you still feel as shit as you did last year

It doesn’t matter if right now your reality stinks

If you are struggling with being back to reality this week, then here’s an affirmation just for you.

TOP TIP: Write it down and stick it somewhere you can see it.


I am my own power
My reality can and will change because I choose to make it happen.
My reality may not change over night but it WILL change
I am brave enough to face the changes I need to make to change my reality
I have enough passion to create a reality that I choose, not one someone else creates
I am enough


You’ve got this, so don’t give up.

What’s your reality right now? Post a few lines in the comments about your reality right now and what you want to change.



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