How many times a day does something pop up in your timeline that makes you let out that slow silent scream ‘NOOOOO’ inside?!

Or do I need to rephrase that and ask, how many time in the last hour has it happened to you?!

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Here’s a quick round-up of the top 5 cringe-worthy online claims that not make my blood boil but make me reach for my digital soapbox as well.


1. ACT NOW BEFORE YOU RUN OUT OF TIME –  You know the one, you click a link to read the content and it has a timer on to try and force you to act in a certain time frame otherwise the content or opportunity will disappear, BUT IT NEVER DOES!


2. I’M ONLY OFFERING THIS TO YOU – which is exactly why the same content is posted everywhere you look online or where you’re cookies can follow you.




4. I JUST EARNED 50K LAST MONTH AND I NEVER DID ANY WORK FOR IT – The claim may be worded slightly differently but is always used in this type of context. (Must resist the urge to reach for the soap box on this one!)


5. SIGN UP FOR MY WEBINAR, BUY MY BOOK AND LEARN TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE BY USING AMAZON FULFILMENT AND NEVER DO ANY WORK –  This may just be me but WTF, does anyone really buy this stuff? As a leading expert on growing a business using multi-market platforms like Amazon I just want to set the record straight, it doesn’t work that way at all, not even a teeny tiny bit. In fact, it is seeing this particular claim so much in my news feed recently that made me write an open letter to Facebook about it’s algorithm, relevancy and truth behind what it is allowing to be advertised.

So come on, add your pet peeve or annoying online claim in the comments below and let’s see if we can create a domino effect and stop people making such stupid and pointless claims. It isn’t good marketing, it’s spam!