Facebook have announced huge changes coming that WILL affect your reach!


Yesterday, Facebook announced they are changing the way their algorithm works in favour of letting us see the friends and family posts MORE and our business pages LESS.
This is huge news for online content publishers and there are some pro’s and con’s for us!


==>> The Bad News Con’s

:: Getting seen organically IS going to get harder
:: FB SAY the change is so we see more of what is important to us BUT it is more than likely going to create an increase in AD spend too!
:: Getting your message out there may be a lot harder and we may see reach plummet when the changes kick in


==>> PROS

:: It should level the playing field a bit more as those who are in the know and start to adjust their digital strategy now will stay ahead of the curve
:: If you up your game then you should still be able to stay ahead.
:: A new major algorithm change affects every one so for a short period of time we will all be running at the same level page wise.
:: It COULD reduce the dependency on FB Pages for social proof and COULD increase the usage of groups as people will still want to hear from their favourite content producers!

How to prepare?!
Get Planning!

1. Plan your digital strategy to reflect the changes.
2. Check your FB page to make sure you not making any of the killer mistakes that could already be upsetting the algorithm.
3. And this is a big one…

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